Allergy Toothpaste

Food Allergy

Food allergy affects 15 million Americans, including 1 in 13 children, at a cost of $25 billion per year. There is currently no medical treatment available for this financially and socially costly condition.

Experimental studies have found immunotherapy to be a promising approach to the treatment of food allergies. Intrommune’s OMIT platform provides a simpler way to perform food allergy immunotherapy. This platform is intended to solve existing problems with immunotherapy by facilitating long-term, consistent use of treatment and reducing the risk of serious side effects by optimizing the route of administration.  

Oral Mucosal Immunotherapy

Oral mucosal immunotherapy (OMIT) is a novel form of allergen-specific immunotherapy. Immunotherapy has a 100-year track record of use for respiratory allergies. OMIT improves upon this approach by delivering immunotherapeutic agents to the areas of the oral cavity with the highest likelihood of decreasing allergy symptoms.

Our approach to allergy immunotherapy is built around the OMIT therapeutic platform, a specially formulated toothpaste that incorporates and stabilizes pharmaceutical grade extracts used for food allergy immunotherapy. 

Clinical investigations led by Intrommune are developing this technique for the treatment of food allergies. OMIT offers the potential of a long-term solution for the 220 million, including 15 million Americans, who have food allergies.



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